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Cattle Sales Listings

Cattle Sales Listings

Commercial Cattle Sales Listing

As part of our ongoing commitment to Shorthorn and Shorthorn Cross cattle and you our valued clients we offer you assistance in marketing your livestock.

What we are offering is greater exposure of your cattle for sale. Through our extensive list of commercial producers, backgrounders, lot feeders and buyers of slaughter cattle your cattle will be highlighted to the wider buying audience whether your cattle are listed, going to a sale or you want to sell them direct from the paddock.

We would like to help you receive the maximum return for your cattle by giving them as much exposure to the buying public as we can make possible.

How it will work

Let us know when you have cattle ready for sale and we will load the details below. We will also send out notifications of the sale and description of the stock electronically to prospective buyers. All you need to do is email, fax or phone the details and any photos to us.


Sale Listing: