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Commercial Profitability

 Our number one aim in our cattle breeding program is to breed stock that make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort and inputs for both ourselves and the breeders using our genetics.

thousand Guineas feedlot

Furturity are proud to be part of the Thousand Guineas branded shorthorn beef program.

The Thousand Guineas brand, is a premium marble score 2 product, with eating quality underpinned by MSA grading.

Eating quality is the main theme for the premium Thousand Guineas brand. Shorthorn derived feeder cattle (minimum 75% Shorthorn content from British crosses), are fed for a minimum of 130-140 days in JBS Australia feedlots to create a minimum marble score 2 product, targeted for the high end food service sector. Carcasses are aged before the full range of cuts are distributed to the retail sector, both domestically and internationally.

To be part of the program and gain price premiums register to be a supplier.

Shorthorn Beef Supplier registration form


Futurity Steers Perform Well in Feedlots

   Feedback received on slaughtered cattle both from the meat works and the retail sector is used for continual analysis and evaluation to improve our product for the producer.

We are strong believers in performance recording and go to great efforts to make sure the breeding values are as accurate as possible.

The best validation is when people using Futurity genetics are getting the desired results in their operations.

Woolworth steers and heifers

Steers and Heifers sold to Woolworths



  Futurity have used feedlot trials and carcase competitions as a way of

benchmarking their product.

Congratulations to Coonabarabran High who prepared a Futurity shorthorn cross steer who was the Jackpot winner at the The Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza was held on the  28th to 30th October 2011 at Scone.

 The steer was awarded the Heavy Middle Weight Champion, and Beef Bonanza Jackpot WinnerGrand Champion steer on hoof in the led section. He then competed against the unled champion and was awarded the Supreme exhibit on hoof for the show.

 The cattle then went on to be judged on the hook where he was an outstanding winner receiving 91points. He was awarded the Grand Champion Carcase and the Jackpot for the combined points of hook and hoof.  He was 14 mths old and weighted 480 kg after 100 days on feed.










Congratulations to Outback Shorthorns and Yanco High School for showing the Highest Scoring Shorthorn steer at 2011 Royal Melbourne Show.

The steer was sired by Futurity Convertible C109 a bull purchased by Outback at our 2009 On Property Bull Sale out of a first calf heifer.


 The better it tastes the more we eat!


 Steaks off a 14 month old Futurity Shorthorn heifer after 60 day on feed.

"Melt in your mouth"