Dams ­ Futurity Shorthorns

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The females in use at Futurity are all functional females put to the test every year.

Line of Cows

 Production systems that are highly efficient produce the best returns.

The cow herd at Futurity are like employees at a chocolate factory. Tall blue eyed blonds to look at or those who spend too much time sampling are not employed.


Employed are those who get the job done for: JJJB59

  • The least amount of cost (feed)


  • Give the employer the least amount of trouble (Maintenance, Management)


  • Produce the greatest output for the time given (High weaning rates maximizing dollars of beef produced / ha


The types you are happy to give a reference to when leaving employment.

The Futurity females are put under pressure to perform

They must calve every year within a 9 week period or they leave the herd. The heifers are joined at 12 - 14 months of age once a weight is met and then calve at 2 years of age. This pressure on the females to perform at a young age makes it more profitable for the producer as it speeds up the income for the number of females run.