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2019 On Property Bull Sale

Thursday 29th August, 1pm

55 Shorthorn Bulls

33 Temana Charolais Bulls (Click to view)

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LOT 1 Futurity Nebo N263


Homozygous Polled

This cherry red, short coated easy doing young sire stands on perfect structure. Nebo is solid across a wide range of traits and will add growth to most herds without sacrificing maternal and carcase performance.

Top 5% scrotal size and days to calving

Dam History. Age 5 years, calves 4, 18 days increase in calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

 LOT 2 Futurity NapierLOT 2 - FUTURITY NAPIER N261

Homozygous Polled

Slick coated easy doing young sire with plenty of capacity. If you are looking to increase EMA marbling and meat quality in your herd this is a bull for you. Note the outstanding carcase data on this young sire.

Retaining semen for in herd use and progeny testing

Below breed average for birth weight above for growth

Top 1% IMF

Top 5% EMA and Export Maternal Index

Dam History. Age 5 years, calves 4, 21 day reduction calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

 LOT 3 Futurity North West SpecialLOT 3 - FUTURITY NORTH WEST SPECIAL N213

Homozygous Polled

We really admire the perfect feet and structure, depth of body and doing ability of this young sire. North West Special is from a cow that you can build a herd around and is a maternal brother to Futurity Prophecy Lot 28 in this year’s sale.

Below breed average for birth weight well above for growth

Dam History. Age 7 years, ET donor, 13 calves

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 4 Futurity NortherlyLOT 4 - FUTURITY NORTHERLY N310

Certainly, one of the best Hero sons’ we have bred. Northerly has an ideal phenotype perfect structure and feet, loads of depth, softness and a very thickly made carcase. Very balanced performance data on this young sire.

Top 1% Gestation length

Top 5% Days to calving, calving ease and All Indexes

Dam History. Age 5 years, calves 4, 11 day reduction calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 5 Futurity Northern Dancer N325LOT 5 - FUTURITY NORTHERN DANCER N325

Homozygous Polled

Real sire appeal to this bull, he moves with ease on excellent structure and perfect feet. From a cow that has bred very well with sons including Jet Pilot selling to Dunbecon, King Mufassa selling to Sillwood TAS and a full brother selling to the Tym family last year. Very balanced performance data on this bull excelling across all profitable traits.

Low birth weight, above breed average for growth

Top 5% Scrotal size and Export Maternal Index

Top 10% Days to calving, EMA and Domestic Index

Dam History. Age 10 years, calves 9, 50 day reduction calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 6 Futurity Necessity N266


Homozygous Polled

This young sire is a standout for his growth, carcase characteristics, high yield and still has excellent fat cover and doing ability. Rarely have we bred a bull with so much thickness behind that is still very correct in his structure. Necessity’s dam is one of the picks of her drop for type and maternal function. Sparta K571 is breeding excellent structured, hooves and dispositioned cattle.

Top 1% Days to Calving

Top 10% Scrotal size, carcase weight and retail beef yield

Dam History. Age 4 years, calves 3, 9 day reduction calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 8 Futurity Nobel Boy


Homozygous Polled

This bull is taking it to the Next Level. This young sire has outstanding phenotype, he is very sound, has great carcase characteristics, he’s super quiet and has data that is matched by few in the breed. We used Next Level as a yearling on our best first calved cows last spring. Next Level has had only one brother who sold for $12000 in last year’s sale to Artimore SA. Retaining 50% of semen sales and semen for in herd use and progeny testing.

Top 5% Gestation length, Days to calving, fat, IMF and All Index values.

Dam History. Age 8 years, calves 7, 21 day reduction calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 9 Futurity Navigator N316


Homozygous Polled

This outstanding young sire takes maternal profitability and carcase merit to a new level. Navigator is very sound, loads of average daily gain, has great carcase shape and is from a very productive female. We used Navigator on heifers last spring. Retaining 50% of semen sales and semen for in herd use and progeny testing.

Top 1% Export Maternal Index

Top 5% IMF and Domestic and Northern maternal Indexes

Dam History. Age 7 years, 6 calves, 12 day reduction in calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 10 Futurity Nobel Boy N269


Homozygous Polled

Young sire with loads of sire appeal. Nobel Boy covers all the bases and really bends the curve for birth to growth and has great carcase attributes. We used Nobel Boy on heifers last spring.

Retaining 50% of semen sales and semen for in herd use and progeny testing

Top 1% milk

Top 5% birth weight, calving ease, Export and Northern Maternal indexes.

Dam History. Age 4 years, 3 calves, plus 15 day calving Interval.

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 14 Futurity Napoleon N223LOT 14 - FUTURITY NAPOLEON N223

Homozygous Polled

Very long bodied bull with great carcase shape. Napoleon is a maternal Brother to Futurity Hercules who was top priced bull in 2014 who has bred very well for Trojon and Sothern Cross Shorthorns. Very balanced data and maternal efficiency to this bull.

Below breed average for birth weight and above for growth.

Top 5% days to Calving

Top 10% EMA, calving ease and All Index values

Dam history. Age 9 years. Donor, 12 calves

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 15 Futurity Nutbush N331LOT 15 - FUTURITY NUTBUSH N331

Homozygous Polled

Very soft roan with good structure and excellent meat quality traits. Nutbush is very deep sided, smooth shouldered and has high average daily gain.

Top 5% Fat

Top 10% Days to calving and IMF

Dam History. Age 7 years, calves 6, 10 day reduction calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 17 Futurity Narrator N329LOT 17 - FUTURITY NARRATOR N329

Very heavy, easy doing young sire that has stood out since birth. Narrator is soundly made and has excellent meat quality traits.

Above breed average for growth and below for birth weight

Top 10% fat

Dam History. Age 7 years, calves 6, no change in calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 21 Futurity Nugget N321


Homozygous Polled

Very easy doing, slick coated young sire with outstanding carcase attributes. Nugget is from a very productive cow with a perfect udder that has produced three sons to make the sale.

Low birth weight and above average for growth.

Top 5% fat

Top 10% EMA and Northern Maternal Index

Dam History. Age 9 years, calves 8, 55 day reduction calving interval

Pedigree & EBV's

LOT 28 Futurity Prophecy P13


Homozygous Polled

One the most outstanding individuals bred at Futurity. This dark red, short coated sire is balanced in every way. Excellent structure, thickly made with a smooth laid in shoulder. This young sire is out of my favorite cow on phenotype Futurity Enia H8 by leading WA sire Crathes Hasting who is breeding exceptional carcase cattle. Maternal Brother to Lot 3 Futurity North West Special. Prophecy’s performance data covers all the bases low birth, high growth, good maternal performance and excellent carcase data. Retaining 50% of semen sales and semen for in herd use and progeny testing

Top 5% Scrotal circumference, days to calving, carcase weight, IMF and Export Maternal Index

Top   10% Northern Maternal Index

Dam History. Age 7 years, Donor, calves 13.

Pedigree & EBV's

2019 sale bulls groupOur 11th Annual On Property Sale will kick off at 1 pm on Thursday 29th August 2019. The 55 sale bulls represent the best of what we do. They are the pick of 120 bulls retained for sale in 2019.

With beef being the protein source of choice for the Asia Pacific region and most of the developed world, our product has never been better placed to take advantage of a market that rewards eating quality. The consumer has the final say and they are voting yes when it comes to Shorthorn Beef. In 2018 fourteen thousand tonnes of Thousand Guineas beef was sold into markets in Australia, Japan and Korea. This equates to over 55,000,000 Australian size steaks. Yes that is a lot.

With the aid of genomic technology and carcass data collection through the TG program we are embarking on an age of accelerated genetic gain for Futurity Shorthorns. We are blessed and thankful of the support we receive from commercial producers in progeny testing and JBS in suppling feedback on the cattle. It is these partnerships that will help us make the cattle better for all of industry.

Bull groupOnce again we will be offering the freight subsidy to ensure the coordination and transport is cost efficient and your purchase arrives safely. How it works – at settlement you can nominate to pay $100/bull and Jason will organise to have them delivered within NSW borders and to Roma no more to pay.

About the bulls

Our goals have always been simple “provide cattle that add value and profitability throughout the supply chain”. Easy care cattle for the cow calf producers, cattle that have rapid growth in the feed yard and cattle that have excellent carcase characteristic and eating quality for the processor and retailer.

This year’s bulls meet our goals and you will notice the focus we have made on selection for carcase yield, eating quality, and maternal productivity. Focusing on Bull group 1these traits allows us to concentrate on producing cattle that perform on a dollars/hectare basis not dollars/head. With dollars/hectare being the true measurement for any production system.

In this year’s comments we decided to add the calving interval details for females that have progeny in the sale. Our policy is that a female must calve at 24 months and have a calf every year in the same 9 week period, or she goes. The Days to Calving EBV is a more accurate indicator of rebreeding efficiency. Although, doing the calving intervals was an interesting exercise in identifying females with efficiency and longevity in the herd.

The bulls have been run in one contemporary group for all their data recording. Bulls with PP have been tested homozygous polled and will only breed polled calves, even when joined to a horned cow. Bulls with shaded EBV’s are in the Top 25% of the breed.bull group2

We encourage viewing of the cattle prior to the sale if possible. We will be hosting a Beef Technology Day focusing on Maternal Profitability and Bull walk on Friday 9th August. We believe this is an investment in your business. Seek to find the best combination of genetics, performance data and physical attributes to improve profitability in your herd. Your investment now will reap rewards in the future. We would like to assist in advising you on the purchase that will be most profitable for your operation so please ask if you would like any assistance.

We invite you to come along and enjoy our hospitality.

Kind Regards

Jason, Kylie, Riley and JessBulls on Dam