Sires ­ Futurity Shorthorns

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Sires in Use

The sires used at Futurity are sourced for paticular traits that compelment our herd. They are sourced from various breeders and chosen for individual merrits that fit within our aim of breeding.

Current sires in use:

Futurity Quantum Leap

This young sire is a bull for the times moderate framed, very heavy and still suitable for use on heifers if needed.

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Futurity Quinella

Quinella is a truly outstanding individual. Perfect structure, deep bodied, thickly made, calm disposition and has a short hair type.

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Futurity Performance Plus

No doubt one of the stand outs of his year for his eye-catching phenotype and profitable data set.

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JSF Skyfall

The Skyfall bulls have excellent growth rates, are very easy doing and have excellent carcase shape.

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Futurity Next Level

We continue to use Next level due to his capacity, doing ability, carcase merit and longevity genes. 

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Futurity Navigator

This outstanding Homozygous Polled young sire takes maternal profitability and carcase merit to a new level.

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Futurity Noble Boy

Young sire with loads of sire appeal. Nobel Boy covers all the bases Homozygous Polled, really bends the curve for birth to growth and has great carcase attributes

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Yamburgan Anzac

Futurity purchased Anzac for $42000 in 2017. Very few bulls in the breed can boast the outstanding performance data of Anzac.

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Futurity Might & Power

Might and power literally has it all - excellent structure and feet, heaps of growth, depth capacity and flawless disposition.

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Yamburgan Sparta K571(P)

We purchased Yamburgan Sparta for $36000 at 2016 sale for his outstanding phenotype and very good carcase data. Homozygous Polled

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