Sires ­ Futurity Shorthorns

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Sires in Use

The sires used at Futurity are sourced for paticular traits that compelment our herd. They are sourced from various breeders and chosen for individual merrits that fit within our aim of breeding.

Current sires in use:

Yamburgan Sparta K571(P)

We purchased Yamburgan Sparta for $36000 at last year’s sale for his outstanding phenotype and very good carcase data.

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Futurity Honey Badger H135

Honey Badger H135 has the carcase attributes and maturity pattern that will make a real difference to the shorthorn breed.

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Yamburgan Zeus H140

Zeus H140 is a sire who offers low birth weight rapid early growth and is a proven carcase sire.

He is a trait leader for gestation length, birth weight, scrotal size and IMF.

Zeus first male progeny have sold to average $18 333.

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Futurity Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded has proven to be a prolific sire producing outstanding saleable progeny Sons top at $24000 to average $13000

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